Liplift, Bullhorn Lift, Maxillofacial Surgeon Berlin

The distance between the nose and the upper edge of the upper lip is smaller in children and adolescents than in adults. He is smaller in women than in men.

This shortened nasopharynx is as a facial feature is also a sign of youthfulness.

Regrettably, as you get older, this gap gets bigger, the teeth are more obscured and barely visible.

If the distance between the nose and upper lip is too large, we recommend a Liplift or bullhorn-lift, because the Exzidat has similarity with bull horns. Here, just below the nose carefully a small strip of skin is removed and everything in many layers of skin-almost invisible-sewn.

In particular, in the feminization of male lips is achieved with a lift of the upper lip, the shortening of the vertical dimension easily.

The procedure is usually performed under local anesthesia. But even a slight sedation (twilight sleep) is of course possible. However, you may no longer participate in road traffic afterwards. If another procedure is planned under general anesthesia, we can perform the lip change during the same general anesthetic.

If you have questions about Liplift, you can reach us in our practice rooms:

Dr. med. Thomas Franke, Specialist in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

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