NICO removal, chronic jaw bone inflammation

Jaw inflammation / NICO (Neuralgia Inducing Cavitational Osteonecrosis)

Inflammations in the jaw area often lead to radiating pain in the jaw and face area in patients.

Depending on whether the underlying cause is an acute or chronic form of jaw inflammation, the patient’s symptoms also differ. However, non-specific facial pain can also be induced by chronic softening of the jawbone.

These are summarized under the term NICO – Neuralgia inducing cavity-forming osteonecrosis. They can occur both in the lower jaw and in the upper jaw, often in edentulous parts of the aleveolar bone.

NICO is a special form of jaw bone disease – related to facial pain and trigeminal neuralgia and have consequences for the entire system of the body in the sense of chronic inflammation.

It seems as if this is a deficiency in the sense of a metabolic disorder that leads to fat degenerative bone dissolution.

Inflammatory messengers (RANTES) can be found which act on other organs and can be associated with inflammatory joint complaints, breast cancer, Hashimoto, multiple sclerosis and other tumours.

Special imaging techniques are required to diagnose NICO because conventional radiographic imaging does not adequately reflect the pathological structural change of the jawbone. The material obtained intraoperatively is examined histopathologically and metal-toxically by several special laboratories.

During removal, various surgical and regenerative procedures are used to accelerate the healing of bony wounds.

Many patients suffer from years of radiating pain in the facial area.

Root canal treatments, root tip resections and finally tooth extraction follow without any relief. Also the visit of other specialist colleagues, a computer tomography or a magnetic resonance tomography do not lead to a clear diagnosis or explanation for the neuralgic pain.

This makes it all the more important for us to be able to explain the clinical picture of NICO and to offer our patients therapy to alleviate the symptoms associated with the disease and thus improve their quality of life.

We work in a large network with excellent colleagues who will provide you with therapeutic support before and after the removal of NICO.

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