Vitamin Immun Booster

Support for your vitality and health

Our immune system is in constant readiness to encounter a pathogen, such as a bacterium, a virus or a parasite, to which our body triggers an immune response. Numerous factors such as stress, age, poor nutrition, frequent sedentary activities or insufficient exercise permanently weaken our immune system.

Our Vitamin Immune Booster replenishes your vital substance level and your individual requirements of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. The infusion prepares you optimally for all future physical and mental challenges. Before and after operations in the mouth, jaw and face area, healing processes are accelerated and optimized.

  • Strengthens and optimises the immune system
  • Strengthens against seasonal viral infections
  • Reduces the risk of disease
  • Increases physical and mental abilities

In addition to the infusion programs presented, we prepare customized infusions for your needs. Based on our laboratory check, we determine which minerals your body is lacking and prepare high-quality infusions for you. Feel free to contact us and make an appointment for a consultation at our practice in Berlin Charlottenburg.