Chin correction, oral- and maxillo-facial surgery Berlin

The chin, forehead, cheekbone, nose and personal facial expression are particularly important. Many people are not satisfied with the position and appearance of their chin. This often affects their self-confidence and makes them appear more insecure.

Chin misalignments an treatment options

No matter whether the chin is too far forward or too far back, certain positions disturb the harmony and contour of the neck. A double chin and/or fat flaps in this area can also reduce the overall harmonic impression. This results in various correction possibilities, which may even be possible without an operation on the lower jaw bone.

Dr. Thomas Franke and his team will advise you in detail on the less invasive and surgical treatment options for chin correction. You will also be informed in advance about the costs of the treatment.

Look forward to your new appearance after a chin correction!

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