Socket preservation, Oral- and maxillo-facial surgery Berlin

Socket preservation is a bone preservation procedure.

It is often used for the aesthetically sensitive area of ​​the front teeth. But even in the posterior region, this method provides excellent results. It is performed immediately after a tooth removal to prevent ingrowth of the gums and to provide as early as possible all measures for bone preservation and thus to secure a resilient foundation for one or more implants.

Socket preservation is the simplest form of bone augmentation. For this purpose, a membrane of collagen or PRP or a mixture of both is inserted immediately after tooth extraction into the bony tooth pocket and fixed by means of a suture. Now the oral mucosa can grow over the defect and the bone can regenerate underneath. In the case of extensive defects, it may be necessary to insert shavings of its own bone into the bony wound.

Thus, a diseased tooth is preferably removed by a maxillofacial surgeon who can also perform socket preservation to later place one or more implants.

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