Biological dentistry in our practice: Holistic treatment from one source

Biological dentistry follows the approach that the whole body is a complex, mutually influencing system. Here, the oral cavity in particular is seen in close interaction with the organs of the body. As a portal for bacteria, viruses and fungi, sources of interference in the oral cavity can permanently weaken and damage the organism.

More than 60% of all chronic diseases are caused by interference fields in the oral cavity, such as chronic inflammation or metal.

The close connection between the interference fields in the oral cavity and chronic diseases is the basis for a holistic, comprehensive and interdisciplinary treatment, in which the human being is understood as a bio-organism in its entirety and is treated accordingly.

Dr. med. Thomas Franke is a licensed oral and maxillofacial surgeon, physician and dentist who moves easily between the interdisciplinary fields and combines all his knowledge in the treatment of his patients. Thus, in over 16 years, an interdisciplinary approach as well as a holistic, biological therapy concept has been developed, from which many patients have already benefited.

What exactly is biological dentistry?

One could think of medicinal herbs and other remedies from naturopathy. In fact, biological dentistry means that it uses the gentlest possible procedures in combination with the most compatible materials possible – and above all, it takes a holistic view of the human being.

The entire human organism is understood as a bio-organism, within which the organs are closely related to each other and especially to the oral cavity.

Heavy metals, toxic materials and inflammation in the oral cavity – so-called interference fields – can place a heavy burden on the organism and have effects on the digestive system, hormone balance and metabolism. Studies have shown that more than 60% of all chronic diseases are caused by interference fields in the oral cavity.

Biological dentistry detects existing interference fields and removes them as gently as possible to relieve the organism.

Only materials that are as neutral and metal-free as possible are used. For example, only high-quality ceramic implants are used for dental implants, which, unlike titanium implants, are anti-allergenic and optimally tolerated by the body.

Once the interference fields have been removed, a significant recovery of the immune system can usually be observed shortly after the operation. This is because our immune system is designed to fend off viruses, bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms. Chronic inflammation in the jawbone or in the root tips, but also incompatible or even toxic metals in the oral cavity result in a constant overreaction of our immune system – sometimes for years and with effects on our entire body. The permanent state of stress and the permanent strain on our immune system can lead to massive regulation, functional and structural disturbances and put a considerable strain on our health. Diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, obesity, ALS, MS, Alzheimer’s disease or even cardiovascular diseases such as atherosclerosis, heart attack and stroke can be the result.

Once the interference field is eliminated, the immune system is directly and immediately relieved and can finally act normally again, which means that chronically ill patients in particular can experience an improvement in their health.

Metal-free dentures

Since biological dentistry is based on the knowledge that metals in the oral cavity can lead to chronic diseases, the use of metals is completely avoided here.

Dental implants have proven to be particularly reliable, stable and sustainable dental prostheses for years. Implants made of titanium can cause intolerance reactions and allergies, which is why biological dentistry uses implants made of the high-performance ceramic zirconium dioxide.

The high-quality ceramic implants are completely metal-free and convince with their incorruptible quality. They are 100% hypoallergenic and optimally tolerated by the body, which is why they ensure the best possible biocompatibility. In addition to their extraordinary compatibility, they also impress with their appearance, as their completely white colouring is very close to natural tooth whitening and ensures perfect aesthetics.

Holistic, biological diagnostics

Before we perform a procedure such as implantology, we first want to assess the current state of health of our patients. In addition to an anamnesis and the findings, this includes blood screening and an X-ray of the oral area using digital volume tomography (DVT).

In a blood analysis we have the nutrient supply of our patients examined. In this way, we can determine incompatibilities or deficiencies in advance and also counteract them – which in turn has a positive effect on the immune system of our patients and thus also on wound healing and the treatment results. Important blood values are examined, such as the vitamin D3 balance, which is particularly relevant for the formation of healthy bones and for strengthening the immune system.

This is followed by digital volume tomography (DVT). This is a three-dimensional, high-resolution x-ray of the head area, which can be used to precisely localise, for example, inflammations in the jawbone or tooth roots, but also foreign bodies and metal splinters. In addition, the bone structure, among other things, can also be reliably assessed.

Finally, the results of the diagnosis are compiled in a detailed and personal consultation and discussed together. In addition, the questions, fears and wishes of our patients are of course also clarified. We then draw up an individual therapy plan and discuss everything else in detail with you.

Immunological pre- and post-treatment

In the pre- and post-treatment of our patients we focus on strengthening the immune system and activating bone healing in order to achieve the best possible results in wound healing and treatment outcome. In addition, our experience has shown us that we can help our patients to return to life as quickly as possible.

If an operation is planned, we make sure that our patients receive the best possible nutritional supply before, but also during and after an operation. During blood analysis, we have the nutrient content of our patients checked and can thus supply missing nutrients via orally taken preparations or an infusion. In this way we can promote the best possible wound healing and the rapid regeneration of our patients by strengthening their immune system. Over the years we have seen amazing results in wound healing and treatment outcome.
If desired, we can also offer additional wound healing support through the PRP procedure. The Platelet Rich Plasma procedure is an autologous blood therapy that accelerates wound healing and thus enables a dental implant to grow in more quickly and easily

Holistic approach – even beyond our practice

In our practice we offer holistic diagnostics and treatment by our oral and maxillofacial surgeon, doctor and dentist Dr. med. Thomas Franke. This enables us to provide our patients with comprehensive interdisciplinary, holistic and biological treatment from one source.
In addition, we are also closely linked to a network of ENT doctors, environmental dentists, internists, alternative practitioners and physiotherapists.
If there is a need for treatment that lies outside the service spectrum of our practice, we are happy to refer suitable specialists or experts with whom we have been working successfully for years.