Tooth extraction, Oral- and maxillo-facial surgeon Berlin

Various circumstances make the removal of teeth necessary. Gentle and modern procedures are available today. Dr. Thomas Franke is the oral and maxillofacial surgeon’s first contact for tooth removal and performs this in his MGK practice in Berlin Charlottenburg. Many years of experience and intensive training make our tooth removal particularly gentle.

When is a tooth removal necessary?

Strong damage to teeth often makes it impossible to preserve the tooth. Your dentist will usually refer you to an oral and maxillofacial surgeon for follow-up treatment. MGK surgeons are able to remove the affected tooth including the root. So it usually succeeds in obtaining the bony tooth pocket for a later tooth implantation. One speaks in this context of a so-called socket preservation.

Execution of the tooth removal

As a rule, a local anesthetic is sufficient for outpatient surgery. You will not feel any pain when you use this local anesthetic. After careful removal of the tooth, root and remains of teeth, a suture seals the opening in the gum.

In anxiety patients and in special cases, the procedure can be performed in twilight sleep and under general anesthesia.

Dr. Thomas Franke and his team advise you in advance of the tooth removal in detail to the appropriate form of anesthesia. Circumstances that may speak against the intervention at any given time, such as severe general conditions or pregnancy, will be discussed with you in advance.

Healing time and aftercare

The threads are removed after ten to fourteen days in a control appointment. If pain occurs, pain medication will be provided. If you cool the surgical site from the outside over the cheek area, swelling and bruising can be significantly reduced. Take care in the first 24 hours after the operation.

After three to five months, the healing in the bone area is completed.

We are pleased if you entrust us with your tooth removal and would like to welcome you to an initial preliminary discussion in our Berlin practice rooms at Stuttgarter Platz 1.