Facial surgery: Medical and aesthetic treatments on a purely biological basis

You have a skin change on your face or neck that bothers you or that you would like to have clarified? Or you suffer from chronic migraine and have already tried conventional therapies – but unfortunately in vain? Maybe you are also looking for a biological and compatible method that rejuvenates your skin and makes it radiant again?

We can help you: with our holistic treatment approach, our purely biological, gentle procedures – and with more than 16 years of experience in the field of facial surgery.

An overview of our range of services for facial surgery:

Removal and diagnosis of skin changes or skin tumors

Have disturbing or conspicuous skin changes (skin tumors) clarified by us and – if necessary or as desired – gently and gently free yourself from them. We attach great importance to a conscientious diagnosis as well as to a removal as scar-free as possible.

Treatment of chronic migraine

If conventional therapy measures have so far been unable to cure your chronic migraine, you can try local therapy with botulinum or migraine surgery. The muscle relaxation drug botulinum can significantly reduce the occurrence of migraine attacks and thus give you a better quality of life again. If the treatment with botulinum is successful, the migraine surgery can also offer a permanent solution.

Wrinkle treatment with vampire lifting & botulinum

Through the PRP process, in which the body’s own plasma from the patient’s own blood is used, the skin can be rejuvenated and brought back to radiance. The skin’s appearance improves and smaller wrinkles are reduced. This treatment can also help with scars and large-pored skin.
The use of botulinum can be useful for the targeted treatment of wrinkles. Botulinum ensures that the muscle in question is relaxed, which leads to a visible smoothing effect on the skin. Both treatments are 100% purely biological and optimally tolerated by the body.