Biological and holistic oral surgery

In the field of oral surgery, everything revolves around treatments in the oral cavity, such as tooth removal, implantology or even mucous membrane transplantation and oral cancer prevention.

As we are committed to biological dentistry, we follow a purely biological and holistic approach to treatment, in which the body is understood as a bio-organism and, above all, the oral cavity is seen in close connection with the entire body.
To this end, we combine our interdisciplinary knowledge with the most modern diagnostic procedures, methods that are as gentle and minimally invasive as possible, as well as possibilities for promoting wound healing and the rapid regeneration of our patients.

An overview of our range of services in the field of oral surgery:

Biological dentistry

Biological dentistry combines a holistic approach with the most modern, gentle procedures and the selection of optimally body-compatible materials, so that the organism is relieved as much as possible. With us you receive biological dental treatments combined with interdisciplinary knowledge – from one source.


Dental implants offer a proven option for stable, lasting and permanent tooth root replacement. We combine optimally tolerated dental implants with the best possible diagnostics and planning as well as additional surgical procedures to achieve ideal treatment results – and to give you back your smile.

Implantology with ceramic implants

We only use high-quality and optimally biocompatible ceramic dental implants, which stand out due to their best possible biocompatibility, excellent durability, ideal compatibility and natural aesthetics.

tooth extraction

If a tooth extraction is necessary, we carry it out as gently and carefully as possible after a detailed diagnosis. In doing so, we also take into account the wishes and fears of our patients and also offer the possibility of immediate implantation (immediate implantation).

Wisdom tooth removal

After a thorough analysis, we perform the removal of wisdom teeth as minimally invasive and gentle as possible and also offer the possibility of promoting wound healing. Due to the conscientious analysis, we can also respond optimally to special circumstances and thus make every intervention as safe as possible.


Using the most modern diagnostic procedures, we can determine with certainty when an apicoectomy is sensible and appropriate. If it is to be performed, we proceed as gently, safely and minimally invasive as possible.

Mucosa transplantation

Gum recession can be a problem for aesthetic reasons. However, gum loss is usually accompanied by a certain sensitivity to pain and the risk of caries formation. In our practice, we gently and gently transplant oral mucosa to the required areas, thus ensuring that the gums are restored.

Mouth cancer prevention

Have you noticed a suspicious spot in your mouth that you would like to have cleared up? We can examine changes in the oral cavity in detail using the most modern diagnostic procedures and, if necessary, also perform a biopsy for further diagnostic confirmation.

Digital volume tomography (DVT)

Digital Volume Tomography (DVT) is a state-of-the-art, 3D-based X-ray procedure with very low radiation exposure that provides excellent three-dimensional images of the head, face and jaw, enabling accurate diagnosis and precise planning of interventions.

Immunological pre- and post-treatment

Before a major intervention, we have our patients’ blood analysed for certain parameters and, on this basis, create an individual medication regimen. This strengthens the immune system of our patients before, but also during and after an operation, so that we achieve optimal healing results and faster regeneration.