Wisdom tooth-operation, maxillofacial surgeon berlin Carlottenburg

Not every wisdom tooth has to be removed.

However, in the daily oral and maxillofacial surgery routine, most maxilla and mandible are too small for the wisdom teeth. This lack of space is often noticeable by a feeling of pressure against neighboring teeth. Most patients describe pain and inflammation behind the last molars. Often, even in the context of orthodontic treatment, an expected crowding falls on.

In this case, the ambulatory removal of superfluous teeth is possible after careful examination and diagnostics.

Here, as in the case of tooth removal in general, the appropriate area is stunned by gentle methods. After a sufficient waiting time, the gentle removal of the tooth from the completely anesthetized area then takes place. Subsequently, the defect formed by the removed tooth is usually closed by a mucosal suture.

In order to accelerate wound healing and to minimize bony inflammation, we can, if you wish, carry out a treatment with the PRP procedure in the wound area.

Before leaving our practice, you will then receive a prescription and a personalized medication plan. Please try to comply with the medication. For the first few days after surgery, they should only eat soft foods. Grainy or particularly crusty food should be avoided, since these can be stored in the surgical wounds and then cause inflammation. They should cool the operated area sufficiently and protect themselves.

For the removal of the seams, our team will arrange a separate appointment.

If you have any questions about the subject of wisdom teeth, we are happy to assist you personally in our rooms at Stuttgarter Platz 1.