Prophylaxis/Teeth Cleaning

Our prophylaxis isn’t ordinary. And that’s intentional:

The concept of holistic health applies to all treatments with us. So, we start your dental cleaning by carefully examining your oral mucosa.

The oral mucosa provides us with crucial information. Based on its color, moisture, and consistency, we can draw initial conclusions about your overall health status and promptly initiate appropriate measures if there is suspicion of illness. Together with information about your taste sensations or any discomfort, this medical history provides valuable insights for further treatment. Next, we examine and analyze your tongue.

This technique, originating from traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), allows us to gather further important information about various aspects of your health. After a thorough examination of your teeth and gums, we conduct a brief oral hygiene interview with you, as these details also provide valuable clues for us. Once we have removed deposits and tartar from your teeth, we polish them with biocompatible pastes. We use these according to your preferences, with or without fluoride. You also have the choice between fluoride-free or fluoride-containing products for the subsequent sealing.

Finally, depending on your condition, we discuss care (e.g., oil pulling, mouth and dental care tips) and any further treatments. In case of abnormalities, you have the option to have them immediately checked by one of our dentists.

Based on the findings, we are happy to schedule the next appointments for you and send you automatic reminders.

We recommend that you undergo prophylaxis treatment at least twice a year to prevent cavities, periodontitis, tartar, bad breath, and oral cancer.