Migraine therapy in Berlin

Headache in general is an irritant sensation on the head organs such as the meninges, skull, blood vessels or cranial nerves.

The most common of about 200 different types of headache include tension-type headache and migraine. The affected person speaks of a sudden migraine attack. It is usually a one-sided, pulsating to throbbing headache. Other side effects of a migraine include blurred vision, nausea and general dullness. A chronic migraine is then spoken of when these attacks occur on a monthly basis for 15 or more days. This is stressful for the person concerned and often leads to a temporary incapacity for work.

Migraine complaints occur in many patients due to muscle tension in these areas:

  • on the inner third of the eyebrows
  • on the nose
  • at a certain point on the temple
  • at a point on the upper part of the neck

Botox for migraine

Botulinum toxin A or Botox ® is not only used in facial surgery for the treatment of wrinkles, but also as a proven effective remedy for significantly fewer migraine attacks, as results of a Botox therapy study z own.

Surgery for Migraine (migraine surgery)

Surgical migraine therapy relies on relieving pressure on various branches of the trigeminal nerve, particularly on removal of the corrugator muscle, a small muscle in the eyebrow area. A study shows that 35 percent of the patients were completely free of migraine symptoms one year after the operation, and the frequency of attacks and the intensity of the pain had more than halved in another 55 percent.