Forehead lift

Drooping eyebrows and hooded eyelids can give your face a stressed and grim appearance. If these features bother you, our eyebrow and forehead lift, possibly combined with eyelid surgery, offers a suitable method to open up your gaze and give you a friendly, youthful appearance.

We offer you an eyebrow and forehead lift tailored to your individual needs. After a thorough analysis of your facial and tissue structure and a detailed discussion of your expectations, we select the optimal method for you.

In most cases, minimally invasive techniques are sufficient to achieve excellent results. Through small incisions above the hairline, we can tighten the entire forehead area and smooth out wrinkles with special instruments.

In some cases, a combined treatment is advisable. Combining brow and forehead lifting with other aesthetic procedures such as eyelid surgery creates a harmonious overall appearance. Lifting the eyebrows, reducing hooded eyelids, and horizontal wrinkles give your face a youthful, relaxed, and friendly appearance.

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and is not time-consuming (1-2 hours). Typically, you are fully operational within 14 days after the procedure.