Skin tumors, Oral- and maxillo-facial surgeon Berlin

Do you have disturbing or suspicious skin changes on the face or neck?

Common malignant skin cancers on the face include basal cell carcinomas also called basaliomas, squamous cell carcinomas and melanomas.

But also benign skin changes can be perceived as unpleasant.

Sometimes, benign precursors produce findings that require treatment. After gentle removal of the skin tumor and confirmation of the diagnosis by a histologic histological examination, the wound is closed.

Through special surgical techniques and mobilizations of the surrounding skin, we achieve a scar that is as invisible as possible. As a rule, a tumor removal in the face is well tolerated.

Immediately after the procedure you will receive a cooling pack from us. Possible swelling and bruising usually disappear after a few days.

In case of unclear skin changes do not hesitate to contact your dermatologist or us.

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