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The SMAS-Lift is a surgical procedure technique. In this, the deeper connective tissue layers of the face are used for tightening. The abbreviation SMAS stands for “Superficial Musculo Aponeurotic System”. For this, the layer of the SMAS is prepared and used for streamlining. The SMAS represents a muscular-connective tissue layer under the skin, which connects the skin with the bony facial skull.

Therefore, it is very important to know this anatomical structure of the face and to use it for the facelift. An advantage of this surgical technique is in contrast to the mere removal of the excess facial skin in that the normal aging processes can be observed and revised.

During the aging process, not only has the skin slackened as the uppermost layer of elasticity, but also the underlying connective and supportive tissue and the mimic musculature. We almost exclusively use techniques to re-tension the SMAS system when it comes to lifting the face.

Undoubtedly, an exclusive lifting of the skin is possible. However, it only makes sense in selected cases.

In our practice, most of the multi-layer technique for face lift with mimic muscles (SMAS) and skin is used. This not only ensures toning to the facelift, but also removes excessive tension from the wound edges of the skin at the end of surgery.

So we can achieve a more natural result than pure skin tightening.

We can perform a facelift with the upper lid lift and the lower lid lift in one operation.

Dr. Thomas Franke, an experienced specialist in facial surgery, has been making aesthetic facial corrections for many years. Prerequisites for excellence in this challenging field are frequent qualifications and training.

All surgical procedures are performed in our practice at Stuttgarter Platz 1 in Berlin Charlottenburg