Thread lift, Maxillo-facial surgery Berlin

With a thread lift your facial skin is lifted and tightened. There are only small punctures when introducing the threads.

SILHOUETTE SOFT® threads used by dr. Thomas Franke in cases in which a facelift is not desired or the respect for an operation is still too big.

These self-resolving surgical sutures were designed to optimally define facial contours. They consist of resorbable polylactic acid and resorbable cones of L-lactic acid and glycol copolymer. The threads are available in different lengths and can be used optimally for the different areas of the face.

The lifting effect provides instant but subtle results. The facial surgeon can thus directly define in the treatment of the areas in question, by contracting and lifting the tissue through the bidirectional and resorbable cones.

During the remodeling process, the resorption of the thread material, polylactic acid, stimulates natural collagen production and thus further improves the treatment area.

The procedure is usually performed under local anesthesia. A slight sedation is of course also possible. Afterwards you should be picked up from us.

Dr. Thomas Franke, an experienced specialist in facial surgery, has been making aesthetic facial corrections for many years. The prerequisite for outstanding results in this challenging field is the constant quest for perfection.

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