Jaw alteration, oral- and maxillo-facial surgery Berlin

People usually expect certain proportions and relationships between the upper jaw, lower jaw, chin and nose in order to perceive a face and its line alignment as harmonious. Our patients are not always satisfied with the natural, individual dimensions and conditions of their face.

On the other hand, in the course of time undesirable changes in the proportions of the jaws and face can also occur due to tooth loss and aging processes.

Professional, targeted jaw changes offer the possibility of correction, for example by bringing the upper jaw, the lower jaw and the chin forwards, backwards, upwards or downwards into a more harmonious position. As we are specialized in MKG surgery, we are one of the first addresses in Berlin in this demanding field.

A change in the jaw in old age, for example, also allows a more youthful overall impression to be retained for longer.

The treatment of jaw changes is a very individual matter. We provide you with detailed advice on the procedures that are possible in your case and work closely with your orthodontist to ensure functional and aesthetic harmony of all facial areas involved.

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