Jaw construction, oral- and maxillo-facial surgery Berlin

Larger defects in the jaw bone or extremely thin or low jaws require stabilization before implantation. We can rebuild your bone in height and width with our own bones. It is thus possible to realize permanent and durable dental implants even in hopeless situations.

When building a jaw we take bones from different regions. Usualy, the bone is taken from the mouth, but other donor regions are also considered. For the removal, we use particularly gentle ultrasound instruments, so-called piezos. These protect the surrounding soft tissue by working without pressure, selectively and precisely. The removed bone is then modeled and transplanted to the required site. Subsequently, the introduction and covering with PRP membranes .

In the following weeks, the graft is fused with the bone there. After about 3 months, this bone can be loaded with an implant.

If you have any questions about jaw construction, you can reach us in our practice rooms at Stuttgarter Platz 1