Botox migraine therapy Berlin

Botulinum toxin A for migraine

Botulinum toxin A or Botox ® is not only used in facial surgery to treat wrinkles, but also as a proven effective migraine therapy.

Since the beginning of the 2010s, special forms of migraine have been successfully treated with Botox®. An administration in tablet form is omitted. Treatment is by injection with a very thin needle in the relevant muscle point on the head.

The doctor determines the individual injection sites based on the specified pain points and determines the appropriate Botoxstärke.

The targeted injection of Botox relaxes the affected muscles. It is injected with a calibrated syringe. This is followed by the documentation of the changes in a migraine diary.

The results of this migraine therapy are consistently positive. In more than half of all patients, the acute migraine pain soon subsides, or the pain frequency.

A Botox treatment works for several months to half a year. The dosage placed on the patient has no known side effects. For about a day, the puncture site is still somewhat sensitive to pressure. Massages in this area of ​​the head should be avoided, as should the pressure of wearing a helmet or a tight-fitting headband. Cool envelopes speed up the dissipation of swelling around the puncture site.

Experience with Migraine Therapy with Botox: Halved migraine attacks

The American Mayo Clinic presented study data from patients who had suffered migraine attacks for at least 15 days each month. After a six-month Botox treatment, the frequency of headache attacks decreased by an average of eight days per month. At the end of the 14-month study, nearly 70 percent of the 688 Botox-treated patients had only half as many migraine attacks as they had at baseline. The therapy was well tolerated.

We carry out migraine therapies with Botox in our practice at Stuttgarter Platz 1 in Berlin Charlottenburg.