Cancer screening, Berlin

Your dentist or dermatologist has found a suspicious spot on your facial skin or in your mouth, or is a competent second opinion on a questionable change desired?

Perhaps you have also noticed a suspicious change in the field yourself and want certainty?

In our premises, we can examine your oral cavity and facial skin closely for possible changes. If necessary, also in consultation with your dermatologist, Dr. med. Franke to perform a so-called biopsy for further clarification.

In this case, a sample of the skin or mucosa is taken under local anesthesia. This is usually a short procedure in outpatient care.

The sample is specially marked and sent to our experienced pathology expert for further microscopic evaluation. He has all the necessary examination procedures of the microscopic diagnosis including special procedures available. After about one week, then the definitive result in our practice.

Dr. Franke will then discuss your findings personally with you. If further recommendations for action emerge from the histological test results, they will explain them to you in detail and show you all the indicated treatment options.

If you have any questions about oral cancer, skin or mucous membrane changes in the oral, maxillofacial or facial area or you would like to arrange a check-up appointment with us, please call us in our

Practice for MKG surgery at Stuttgarter Platz 1 in Berlin Charlottenburg or write to us.